French doors are attractive and functional and an asset to any home. They are doors that usually lead out onto the garden or patio and are mostly glass to let in maximum light. They are perfect partitions between house and garden, flooding the inside with natural light and allowing the garden to be viewed from inside all year round. They are very attractive to look at too which makes them a beautiful addition to any house or conservatory. A french door offers so much more than a traditional door. The large glass area ensures that maximum natural light can come through into the home. French doors ensure that the outdoor and indoor aspects of your home are perfectly blended together whereas a solid door provides a total separation so one cannot be enjoyed with the other. If the french door in particular leads out onto a patio or terrace, then summertime brings a perfect mix of outdoor / indoor living which makes it more enjoyable for the whole family. Furthermore a french door means it is possible to keep an eye on any children playing in the garden whilst you are able to stay indoors, and the see-through nature also serves to open up the room and make it appear larger. Glass doors work in the same way that mirrors do in this respect. If you live in an area that suffers from extreme weather conditions such as driving rain and stormy winds then it may be appropriate to purchase special reinforced french doors or storm doors. Nevertheless you will benefit from the same advantages of blended outdoor and indoor living and a house full of natural light. Kitchens in particular benefit from a set of french doors leading onto a terrace. This makes eating meals outside simple to do and therefore more likely. If you have to carry your food further to reach the garden or it is more than a few steps to get up for a drink whilst sitting outside, then you are much less likely to eat outside or enjoy a drink out there either. French doors are always used in conservatories and offer the perfect entrance to them from the garden. A conservatory takes the idea of outdoor living that bit further as you feel like you are sitting outside long into the winter when it is too cold to actually do so. The ideal material that conservatories and french doors are made of is uPVC which is low cost, very durable and low maintenance. Wooden framed doors, windows and conservatories are nice to look at, but they often do not stand the test of time. Rain can rot the frames and the sun can fade their appearance and crack the wood. At best this makes them look unattractive, at worst it turns them into a security risk. With advanced locking systems as standard and impact resistance built in, uPVC french doors are extremely rigid and secure. Other advantages of uPVC is that it is very low maintenance. Wood needs treatments, varnishing and sometimes even sanding and painting too. This is not so with uPVC which needs nothing more than the occasional wipe with a damp cloth. UPVC lasts for decades, not years and will need no additional work during that time. Because it is a material available in a range of colours and wood effect finishes, even those who want to keep a traditional feel and design to their home can do so. To the casual observer uPVC looks no different from a wooden counterpart. UPVC is a very cost effective and low maintenance way of being able to enjoy conservatories and french doors. A uPVC conservatory is long lasting and durable and will add enormous value not to mention additional space to your home. french doors from Eurocell create an eye catching addition to any home or UPVC conservatory, flooding the interior with natural light and providing an essential link and space between home and garden. They are quick and easy to install, and are available in a range of sizes, colours and finishes to suit any style and d├ęcor of home. 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