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Why Angelina Jolie Is The Occidental Tantra Goddess

Posted by admin on Saturday, December 1, 2012,
Angelina Jolie - a tantra goddess? Yes. In the truest tradition of tantra, her name itself conjures up visions of unbridled energy, untamed and yet powerful. The mention of Angelina Jolie is synonymous with passion, and none can ignore it. Every man would want her, and every woman secretly wants to be like her. Long before Angelina Jolie stormed the world with her highly acclaimed role in the American television film Gia (1998), her smouldering sexuality, devilishly beautiful eyes and sensuou...
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On the support in painting

Posted by admin on Saturday, December 1, 2012,
In easel painting as well as in mural painting, the support is of great importance for the final appearance of the work of art. The traditional materials used for the support did but slowly evolve. The wood panel, traditionally square, was either hewn out of a single plank or - to gain more width - assembled with roughly identical planks. Wood was the natural choice as it was the most readily available universal material in pre-industrial times. wood that no longer makes part of a living tree...
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