A niche product is a product that is made and marketed for use in a small and specialized but profitable market. When I was starting in Internet marketing, I did not seek examples of niche marketing products because I didn't know one thing about a niche market. I asked the question, "What can I sell on the Internet?" A question like that would have been more useful. I soon learned that I had to learn how to run a small business and how to apply that to the Internet. I was not a novice. I had spent decades in the business world and I had been an executive in a Fortune 500 Company and I was certainly well trained in product design and development, production and marketing. of R D I worked with the experts in these areas. We talked about small segments of large markets. But I was not in a small business. Large companies use the Internet to gain brand recognition, not to sell products. Sometimes knowledge is dangerous. It is better to start from scratch. In Internet marketing we are looking for a small, specialized, profitable market. We are not going to sell bread and rice, at least not the common varieties you can buy at your local market. And we are not going to sell screwdrivers and nails which you can buy at the local hardware store. We are going to sell products that we create or control and/or products provided by vendors, either digital products or physical products that fit into our niche. But I'm still not ready to jump into examples of niche marketing products. Let's go down to the mall. There is one seventeen miles from my house. There are chain stores and movie houses and restaurants and food courts and specialty stores. There is a photography studio where you can get a family portrait. If you don't have diabetes you can sip an Orange Julius as you stroll down the corridors. As you walk along, small kiosks are right in your way. You have to walk around them. One sells sun glasses. Another sells good chain. There is one selling cases for your cell phone. These stores have what is hard to get on the Internet. They have traffic. They have impulse buyers. They may be selling to a niche market but there are so many people that that market pops out of the crowd and finds them. In fact, a kiosk selling sun glasses is not selling to a small group of hungry buyers. It is selling to a larger group of impulse buyers. Do not seek examples of niche marketing products in my mall. They are in there maybe, perhaps in a specialty store, but we are looking for a more specialize market. But you can get good ideas there. You can look at products you want to sell to your niche. Say you want to sell a camera on your site. You can look at one in the mall and see what the clerk thinks about it. He will try to sell you something better if he has it. Our problem is to find a niche market and then finding the products to offer will be duck soup. If you go to DMOZ or Amazon or Ebay you will find a list of categories. Dig down into those categories and find subcategories. Now keep digging until you are into the nitty gritty. One example used by an associate of mine dug into Kendell and ended up with a waterproof case in case he dropped his Kendell into the swimming pool. Now that pretty specialized. Put your passion to work. What do you love to do, study, to visit, etc.? Have you been fly fishing since you were twelve years old and have developed your own flies and lores? (If so, send me some.) Do you love to collect stamps, describe them, write about the history of each stamp? Are they stamps from one country like Lower Slobovia? To find examples of niche marketing products, you need to crawl into the cracks of the market. Your passion will do the selling as you promote your site. I started selling flagpoles and flags years ago. Now that is not a niche market. There are too many vendors and the cost of advertising is too high. So I have been satisfied to let it grow by good service and word of mouth. I sell special mounts and other items but I do not have a large product base to pester my customers with and so I don't get to many customers coming back. Pick a niche where you can keep supplying your customers. Some Internet marketers find a single product, buy a keyword domain, write a page and send traffic to the page by email marketing, SEO, social marketing or by discussing things on forums. They may be able to list the product on Ebay, drive traffic to the site using classified ads or direct mail. They use every trick of the trade including article writing to get that traffic to their niche product. Some have an Internet store and offer lots of products. Others have an information site and get paid for advertizing posted on their site. You need to associate with like-minded people and learn how things are done to find examples of niche marketing products on affiliate networks like Commission Junction and ClickBank, etc., and maybe in your own backyard.