Venice is one beautiful cities of the world; it is built on an archipelago of 118 islands in a shallow lagoon serviced by over 150 canals. Venice is capital to the province of Venetia. These 150 canals serve as roadways and there are over 400 bridges that are linked amongst themselves so Venice is also commonly known as The City of Bridges. The Venetian gondolas are very much a part of city's landscape areas and they are as old as the canals. The best travel destination guide offers instant information on varied places of the city of Venice. Venice has a strong cultural presence even in the present day, it has rich cultural heritage that is in the form of performing arts, theatre, music and paintings. The most entertaining feature of the city of Venice is the famous Venice cultural Carnival; the carnival is an excellent congregation of masked parade and revelries that is the main element of this Carnival. Venice Carnival Costumes are famous that are worn in the Carnival, the costumes usually contains the colorful clothes and masks that provide liveliness to the Carnival. The Venice Carnival Costumes are made in velvet, brocade, lace, calle, campelli and satin materials that evoke magical feelings. The costumes are worn along with appropriate masks that help the wearer to escape the glare of the world and he can enjoy the world of fantasy. The two categories of Venice Carnival Costumes consists of the historical costumes and carnival costumes, both these costumes define elaborate and rich dressing sense. The Moreta oval mask in velvet is worn by women and consists a lot of detailing to it. The vacation guide provides up to date information on the carnival festivals held here every year, it is the most popular festivals visited by thousands of visitors every year. There are several Venice carnival events that depict the cultural history of the city of Venice; the usual most famous events include Gran Corteo Storico, Volo dell Angelo, Sfilata delle Maschere, Festa delle Marie and many more celebrations. The best travel destination guide provides you detailed of each of the above stated events and the collaborations with hotels for advance bookings. The main Venice carnival dresses include Tragicomica and Mascheranda, these dresses are internationally known, the vacation guide helps you tress these dresses on rentals and information on the costume shops. The best travel destination guide offers detailed information about the cultural history of the place. There are so many places to see that it gets quite difficult. Read Article Spend the Ultimate Ski Holiday Experience in Tentrino Italy Trentino is one of the most popular places for skiing holidays. In fact, Tentrino holidays are not complete without skiing during the winter seasons. However, a lot of tourists. Read Article Religious festivities: Best ways to spend a beach holiday. Beach holidays are popular during summer time. No other form of vacation comes close to such escapade. That is why many people spend too much time looking for that best place. Read Article Overview of Tuscany, Italy Tuscany is an important region in the north-central area of Italy. The region sprawls in an area of about 23,000 square kilometers and the population of the area is around 3.6. They are made according to the requirements and needs of the industries and business. Such automobiles are used in. Read Article Hydrogen Cars are Nature friendly cars If you are really want to know how nature friendly cars work, then search online. You will definitely get suitable information about hydrogen cars. They are not just helpful for. Read Article Ford Escape Hybrid Always buy that are which gives you the unique style and excellent performance. If you are paying huge amount to the branded and trustworthy manufacturers, then you are always. Read Article Best Florida Key Beaches Florida City is great for people who like water sports. This city is full of great beaches with 1,200 miles of coastline. There are plenty of online travel destination guides. Read Article